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"I would not trust nia alone
in a submarine for 10 seconds."
~ nath
"Nia, you're like,
a positive computer virus."
~ roxanne

"You would make a great snowplow!"
~ micro
"Nia, you are the
crown jewel of this madness."
~ raikiski

"I've decided that you
are just abstract art"
~ devil
"Nia is a software that hides
in my PC and makes it hard to do
homework. This is more than OK"
~ bran

"Meeting you awakened such a
beast in me. I cant help it"
~ elle
"No, Nia is like the weirdest
mf here. Apparently."
~ hyuua

"If there's one thing i've
picked up from Nia, it's
'yinz', and that Nia likes
~ andy
"NGL, youre fucked up enough
that you could be a touhou
character, if you wanted."
~ aesop

"You're the Weezer of Toki Pona!"
~ mic
"ilo Nija is the best: - system,
- tool, - dog, - pony, - more"
~ Marenzers

"Y'know when a character has a crazy backstory no one will
believe, so they joke about it? I think the robot stuff isnt a joke.
You really were made in a factory."
~ zoey


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