hi! i'm nia!

i am a 22 y/o, it/its transfem puppy in the pittsburgh area. on hrt as of 1.12.22! i am not much of an artist, but i love to create! random meaningless bullshit is my favorite.

there's a lot of room in my heart for a lot of different media - music more than anything. games and comics and films have changed my life, but i love to let music define me. most of my interests are labelled in my ABOUT! go study your Girl Lore! i have a particular interest in shoot-em-up games, hypnosis, and graphic work.

i'm married! please don't flirt with me. our wedding, may 2023, was the happiest day of my life. we've been together for seven years, and i love my husband very dearly. thank you, alex, you are my dearest friend.

i'm plural, forgive me for being a little unusual and forgetful! that's the NIACO experience.

hello from feb 25th*, and hopefully you have fun exploring my page! exploration is the primary goal. secrets ahoy. thanks for stopping in! check out my blog for current information on the nia experience.
if you'd like, you can click here to follow the site. we'll toss future rambling in here. much love! ttyl!


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