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I'd like to throw this together as a resource, because the alternatives are not what they could be.

The google results for Objectum predominantly feature sexuality-wiki pages, outdated or now-missing websites, sterile fact pages (wikipedia, journals) or basic introductions (documentaries, news articles). There is a hole in the internet that needs personal accounts and straightforward information compilations. I’d like to provide both! The response I receive when explaining my attractions is somewhere between concern and fascination. It deserves to be destigmatized., two well - compiled tumblr blogs, and my own social experience have informed this page. Hit me up if we get our info wrong.

This page will contain plain discussion of sexual desire and experience.

What is Objectum?

Objectum is an umbrella term for object-sexual and object-romantic attraction (often abbreviated to OS/OR). These feelings range from purely platonic to deeply sexual, and from strictly monogamous to broadly polyamorous. These may tie into the object’s appearance or function; some have a love for an entire type of object (trains, drills, instruments, computers…) or may have feelings alone for an object of personal connection (a childhood computer, a local building, a notable monument). These feelings, too, typically lie outside of object-centric paraphilias and fetishes (such as pool toy fetish).

Objectum was coined by Eija-Riitta Eklöf in the 1970s, and the flag associated with it (blue-gray-white-yellow-purple, with the red ring) was a 2016 community project of the os-positive Tumblr blog. The community is largely scattered; attributed to how rare the sexuality is, and the stigma surrounding it. Objectum is notably linked to autism, and most noted with it have been female.

What does POSIC mean?

POSIC is an acronym, standing for Perception of Object Sentience, Individuality, and Consciousness. This ultimately means you believe some or all inanimate objects to experience sensation and/or emotion (whether spiritually, subconsciously, empathetically, or as a facet of one’s mental health). Not all objectum individuals are POSIC, and vice versa. They are, however, hand-in-hand for a number of individuals; if you gain feelings for a calculator, you may feel guilt and an urge to apologize to it if it is dropped. A handful of niche definitions exist to clarify experience (delposic, auposic, etc.) - these are uncommon.

What happens with the object? What do you do?

OS people are not usually having sex with their objects of desire - especially not as outsiders may imagine. They are often a source of arousal, internal fantasies, and strong emotion, but something like penetrative sex is not usually in the mind of OS individuals. The majority of experience leans towards intimate closeness, “dates”, quiet inspection, or simply cherishing them as a display object. The type may determine one’s shows of affection (gun maintenance, taking a car for a drive, exploring a building, installing new hardware).

Object romantic individuals especially may seek closeness to the object of their desire - giving or inferring names for them, and treating them internally as a romantic partner in life within reason. There are a number of sensationalist news pieces and documentaries pointing at the experiences of objectum individuals; Married to the Eiffel Tower is a well-known example. This depiction is widely disliked through the community.

Personal Experience

This section both to clarify my experience to those close to me and to serve as an example for others.
For the majority of my life I have identified as asexual. I am not sex repulsed - I simply do not experience a basis of attraction to people. I have found joy with a husband regardless, considering myself biromantic. My asexual identity changed in 2022 after speaking with some close friends* and coming to further realizations about my feelings towards objects. To note; I only realized I was objectsexual after a significant amount of time on estrogen.

My strongest attractions are with computers, audio hardware, CRT televisions, some military hardware, and above all, concrete-heavy buildings and construction sites (these I have strong and complicated feelings about). I've included poetry about the latter elsewhere in my site. My feelings are primarily sexual for the majority of these, and somewhere in the middle for the last.