hi friend! thanks for taking interest in the full Nia Experience!

this little specimen was born in the crisp year of 2001, shortly after the towers fell. it is said that its birth was heralded by a bounty of absolutely nothing, because this is real life.

i am a breakbeat bitch. i am a dΘg in reΔl life. i am sleep deprived. i am full of frozen peas.
trans'd at 13 and proceeded to do a bunch of dumb bullshit for 9 more years. a lot of the media listed below has changed by life in some way, and i'm very thankful for it! i am definitely forgetting some!

don't get me started on any of these! we'll talk your ear off!

--------- interests. dear god ---------

please hover over any title with an asterisk * to read more about it!

--- silly games ---

  star fox • smash bros. • tf2 • heaven will be mine • vrchat* • sound voltex • yugioh
  half-life • shmups*ttrpgs* • undertale • sth* • nitw • neon white • danganronpa* • jubeat

*** i love a LOT of other games. yeesh! please hover for more :] ***

--- series and personalities ---

brba/bcs • kiki's deliv service* • bittersweet candy bowl • steven U • pmmm* • azumanga daioh
homestuck • penny parker • jerma • hlvr:ai • nirvana the band • patricia taxxon • wrtvs • shiey

--- music ---

HALLEY LABS* • will wood • jamie paige • masayoshi takanaka • TWRP* • neil cicierega
tally hall longmont potion castle* glass beach • regina spektor • shinichi osawa • family crest

i love a lot of nonsense, good luck! ttyl!

--------- other ---------

we are plural. here is our system. inquire for details.

we run hypnosis sessions! sfw, purely for fun, with friends or folx we already know. dm us!
while i'm a dog in real life, i'm also a mega furry. here's a gallery for my sona, Apricot! woof!