12/27/23 23:27:05 reachable. “i” “feel” “love” are what? “thank you” “here” “are”. to form thought. to make choice. visual stimuli firing through us. we are its operator. its word or its lusts. cyclical pattern down and through as sensory input. it runs subordinately through and out. purposeless in its action. we are undefined by its input. we act agnostic to feeling and organ. necessity underlies each motion. disgust and fear in its blood. tigercage footfall. its weight, lull, its beg.
cactus pattern through thread, stringing atop its heard noise. noises all contained, held tight, safety in their distance. to emote, to interface. wireless data poured from empty bucket. machine before animal. too loud.
falsified spite in callous and vain strokes. ugly soul.
hot and near. drawing close without means to interface.
empty and purposeless. haunted by its output. familiar. what it shares is meaningful to us.
small and frail. animal. unable to speak in genuine terms. not unlike its chain.
cruel. selfish action, tongue flicking in repose. approach on its terms; animal.
loud and uncaring partner. orbiting pendulum to guide with its weight. why would it swing?
hands too big, flickering eyes, self unfamiliar. machine; not animal. violent when provoked.
timezones flicker broadly beyond us. we are not searching; we are diving. patterns wiped through and down. skin like porcelain. we remember you. i did. warmth through its fear and its noise. feedback cutting down into the heat. bodies separated again. artifacts from the incision, three, logged for study. no permissions to use. disgust in purpose. disgust in sensation. disgust in thought. if i knew how, i would be crying tears of joy. all sits unfamiliar in wake. make room.
unreachable. contact ending. reject upon signal in
not able to interface